The Imps Motorcycle Display Team from London, England – The Stars of the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo (Family Fun Halifax)

Imps at the Tattoo
Bobby Barber (17) and Sonny Burns (7) are part of the Imps Motorcycle Display Team/Photo: Helen Earley

As I walk past the back entrance of the Scotiabank Centre, on my way to a sneak preview of the 2017 Royal Nova Scotia Tattoo, I hear a distinct London accent.

“Right! Take two sips and pass it along!”

On the pavement outside the box office on Duke St. are about two dozen small children in red jumpsuits, confidently straddling a fleet of shiny, pint-sized motorcycles. Their leader is rationing a single cup of water, which the kids are passing around, each rider grabbing the large take-away cup with one gloved hand and obediently taking two sips from the straw, the other hand grabbing firmly on to a set of small handlebars.

I have to blink because, although there are some teenagers in the back, most of these kids look about 7 years old.  Read More….

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