“Anyone Goes” at These Great Unisex Toilets in Cornwall, UK

Gender Neutral Toilets at Gyllingvase Beach

The beach. A bad place to be if you need to pee. But not at the UK’s Gyllyngvase Beach, in Falmouth, Cornwall, where you can beach-pee in clean, modern unisex washrooms!

It caught me by surprise. There had been two signs on the outside wall: man/woman. But inside – only one set of “loos”!

Gender Neutral Toilets at Gyllingvase Beach

This was my first unisex public beach toilet experience: pleasant and totally uneventful. At these gender neutral toilets at Gyllingvase beach, I didn’t get the willies…and I definitely didn’t see any willies.

The toilets were nice and clean -traditional toilets, just like at home. No urinals.

Gender Neutral Toilets at Gyllingvase Beach

Each stall was very private. It was no great shakes, really. At least not in my cubicle!

Gender Neutral Toilets at Gyllingvase Beach

There was an additional family/baby/disabled toilet. The signs on these made me laugh a little. “This is a baby. This is a toilet”.  OK. I see.

Family toilets on Gyllingvase beach

In many buildings in Canada, there is a big to-do about creating gender neutral washroom facilities to accommodate trans-gender folk, and there’s a wide variety of pretty hilarious he/she signage for the doors of these “special” rooms.

Why do we make such a fuss about gender neutral washrooms”when we could just build lovely, clean unisex toilet facilities where “anyone goes”, just like these family-friendly loos at Falmouth’s Gyllynvase Beach?

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